The Wilhelmsgymnasium in Munich is a secondary school with a rich history that goes back centuries. Founded in 1559, it is the oldest secondary school in Upper Bavaria with more than 620 young men and women on their rolls.

The renovation of the historic school building was initiated by the Department for Education & Sport in Munich, and executed under the project management of the Department of Construction. With design guidance from Braun und Partner Architekten, the building was renovated and extended to a very high standard, transforming it into an ultramodern school. The project, which was completed in July 2018, also features durlum’s ceiling and lighting solutions.

The RHOMBOS expanded metal ceiling powder-coated in pearl beige, which was installed in a multipurpose area, creates a seemingly seamless transition between the walls and ceiling, producing visual harmony. With a free cross-section of 63%, this space has a very open look and feel. The individual panels are lined with fleece to improve acoustic quality in the space.

The open character of the expanded metal ceiling also extends into the breakroom, where it’s integrated with the symmetrically radiant OMEGA 100 linear lighting to create an elegant and timeless ceiling design.

The new sports hall, located eleven metres below ground level, features durlum’s S7 RHOMBOS TAIFUN expanded metal ceiling. The ceiling is not only resistant to the impact of balls but is also aesthetically pleasing and satisfies all functional requirements. The luminaires integrated in the big ceiling lights, measuring 2210 x 2055 mm, create the impression of natural daylight.

durlum products installed at the Wilhelmsgymnasium Munich include:

S4 RHOMBOS expanded metal ceiling system, made of steel plate in various dimensions, mesh size 16 x 8 x 1.5 x 1.5 mm, free cross-section 63%, powder-coated in RAL 1035, mostly lined with fleece, and covering an area of 610m².

OMEGA 100 lighting channel system featuring a channel width of 100mm, integrated in expanded metal panels, with satinised cover, light colour 4000 K, DALI dimmable (14 units).

S7 RHOMBOS TAIFUN expanded metal ceiling system, made of steel plate in various dimensions, mesh size 44 x 12 x 3 x 1.5 mm, free cross-section 50%; powder-coated in RAL 9003, lined with fleece, and covering an area of approx. 340m².

Roof lights with artificial illumination, featuring 1.5mm thickness steel plate in the form of a truncated pyramid, dimension of opening at bottom 2210mm x 2055mm, height 692mm (20 units).

Photos: © Peter Schinzler