QUADRA, an open cell ceiling system from Durlum was specified and installed at the TIME Handsome Store in Seoul, Korea.

Designed by Casper Mueller Kneer Architects and Design Bono, the TIME Handsome Store is an exclusive retail outlet for TIME, a modern lifestyle brand from the Handsome Corporation. The store is part of the Hyundai Department Store, which accommodates several high calibre brands over its many floors and is one of the leading destinations in Seoul for refined shopping culture.

Completed in August 2020, the retail design project features QUADRA open cell ceiling supplied by Durlum. The single blade louvre imbues the space with a light and airy character. The light installed above the ceiling creates an almost immaterial impression, presenting a real contrast with the walls that are plastered in natural clay as well as the robust furnishings made of sedimentary rock.

Many more branches of the TIME Handsome Store are scheduled to be fitted with QUADRA open cell ceiling as it is a perfect match for the TIME brand’s modern lifestyle image.

Product specifications:

Material: 0.95mm thickness of aluminium; dimensions: 600mm x 1200mm; cell size: 75mm x 75mm; height: 40mm; colour: pre-coated in standard white; surface area: 141.12 m².