The Robina Hospital expansion project transformed a small local hospital in Brisbane, QLD into a major regional health facility in the Gold Coast region. The hospital forms part of the infrastructure of the Gold Coast Health Services District.

The award-winning design by BVN Architecture focuses on using abundant natural light and saturated colour to give the healthcare facility a non-institutional feel.

Alpolic/fr aluminium composite panels from SGI Architectural played a pivotal role in the development of this sustainable and uniquely designed space and helped create a healthcare environment, which challenged preconceived notions of how a hospital should look and feel, and be experienced.

Alpolic/fr custom coloured panels were used on the external façade and window system of Robina Hospital, revealing textural complexity and delightful colours. The calm greens of the southern courtyard, the bright oranges of the education courtyard, and the vibrant yellows, oranges and reds of the linear courtyard, all build upon the design concept of visual surprise and positive distraction.

The Robina Hospital expansion received Building of the Year Award at the Australian Institute of Architects' 2012 Gold Coast Awards.

"ACLAD were able to provide a solution to the problem facing the architects and builders in where the original facade specification was not able to meet the functional requirements of the design life of the building. ACLAD designed a completely new façade to the one originally specified, and created a pressure equalised system - ACLAD 4000 dry joint system - that has a design life of 50 years.

“ACLAD used high quality materials to achieve the 50-year lifespan, including Alpolic/fr 6mm for the external skin. Fluoro-polymer paint technology comes as standard on Alpolic - there is no other paint technology in the world that comes close to the 50-year life expectancy of this paint. ACLAD sustained a strong working relationship with builder, Baulderstone and Alpolic supplier, SGI - where quality and a long term outcome were at the forefront of their agenda," said Ross Collis, ACLAD.

Alpolic/fr panels were installed on the building in the following colours: Process Yellow, Black, Ocean Blue, Silver Metallic, Orange, Mist Grey, Mandarin Orange, Verdant, Sky Blue, Signal Red, Pale Green and Budding Green.