NEPEAN Building & Infrastructure was originally established as the Graham Group in 1955.

The Weldlok® Brand is well known for its galvanised steel products which find application in commercial, industrial and resource projects.

Variety of products in the Weldlok® range include Forgebar® Grating, Balltube® handrail systems, Drainage Grating, Grate walk and Fibreglass Walkway Grating.

Forgebar® Grating by Weldlok® is manufactured using load bearing bars of various thicknesses and sizes. Twisted cross bars are welded to the upper edges of these load bearing bars in order to provide lateral restraint. Load bearing bars are manufactured using high grade steel.

These gratings are available in finishes such as hot-dipped galvanised, Black bitumen dipped and Untreated finish. Black Bitumen Dipped finish is a cost effective finish and suited for indoor installations while untreated finishes are supplied as panels to customers who intend to perform their own fabrication.

Forgebar® Gratings by Weldlok® are available in standard mat sizes. Balltube® handrail system provides speedy erection and finishing with minimum on site welding, which saves both cost as well as time in the installation of stairs, walkways and ladders. It is available in hot dipped galvanised finish. All the welds are covered with zinc rich paint for protection against corrosion.