Hot dip galvanising (HDG) by Nepean Building & Infrastructure has helped transform a disused and derelict industrial brick pit and waste site into a modern and enduring sporting venue.

HDG services were provided for the entire structure of a driving range and practice facility at the brand new golf centre in Sydney’s northwest. The $5 million Thornleigh Golf Centre facility features 56 hitting bays over two levels with automated ball return complementing a mini-golf facility, clubhouse and 15,000m² driving range.

Since the golf centre was located on a clay-capped filled site, an adjustable design was required for the two-tiered driving facility to overcome differential site settlement associated with engineering constraints onsite, demanding a lightweight protective coating. 

The structure therefore incorporated a system to adjust deck levels and a lightweight HDG steel superstructure was chosen for the purpose. HDG was applied to the entire two tiers of the structure comprising of 80 tonnes of structural steel portal frame supporting a steel clad roof and two levels of pre-cast concrete flooring.

The HDG structural steelwork includes universal beams and columns, parallel flange channels as well as rectangular and circular hollow sections.

The most significant challenge was the need for an architectural finish to ensure an end surface finish that was completely uniform and unblemished with no wire or touch up marks. 

The second biggest challenge was to provide the high quality galvanising within a very tight schedule required by the builders for items to arrive onsite ready for erection without delay, which was met through tight teamwork between the galvaniser, steel contractor, owner, engineer and architect.

Though paint is conventionally used by a vast majority of outdoor sporting facilities as the preferred type of protective coating, Thornleigh Golf Centre made a conscious decision to use HDG steel due to its durable, cost-effective and aesthetic properties. The vast quantity of galvanised steel for the golf centre is clearly visible. 

Already promoting sustainability and environmental awareness through land renewal, the use of galvanising on this project is the most appropriate finish as HDG does not leach, or require maintenance and further product application during its lifetime.

Hot dip galvanising offers several advantages in terms of application, quality, durability, aesthetics and sustainability. Steel can be galvanised in any weather condition, preventing any hold-up due to weather. The tough coating system reduces transport damage and minimises on-site repairs. HDG’s in-built durability minimises in-service damage from vandalism and accidental knocks. The treated surface is immune to damage from the extreme Australian sun. HDG also offers superior corrosion protection, providing initial and lifetime cost savings. Allowing speedy application, HDG delivers an aesthetic appearance. Sustainability benefits come from the 100% recyclable zinc and steel.