Galserv Galvanising Services’ recent collaboration with well-known Blue Mountain artist Henryk Topolnicki has resulted in the production of two important pieces.

A talented blacksmith, woodworker and welder, Henryk designs original artworks in a variety of media including steel, stone and wood with a greater part of his work often relating to natural forms such as insects or birds.

Creating privately commissioned and public artworks, Henryk is involved in all stages of the creative process from design to construction and installation.

Galserv worked with Henryk in July 2013 on two important pieces - the Fern Sphere and the Vasilii Rozanov sculpture, also affectionately known as the Reading Man.

Henryk provided a testimonial in which he congratulated Galserv on the excellent service provided to customers. He also expressed his satisfaction with the quality of galvanising and general services offered, especially on the last job, Fern Sphere.

He added that Galserv’s employees from the front counter to the forklift drivers were friendly and helpful.

Customer service is a big part of Galserv’s product offering and work philosophy.

As Henryk’s testimonial shows, hot dip galvanising can be used for artworks as well as industrial jobs, with the Galserv team offering a personalised service.

Galserv has also implemented production scheduling systems, dedicated customer service staff and two-way radio communications with forklift and crane operators. Customers receive an automated order status report, directly via text message to any mobile phone.

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