Nepean Building & Infrastructure presents the Galintel Cavi-T-Bar lintel as the ideal solution for cavity walls in double brick, or brick veneer with timber trusses.

Available from accredited Galintel distributors, the Cavi-T-Bar is a convenient alternative to custom made lintels such as PFC and flat plate beams, which have to be fabricated and galvanised.

Developed in response to demand from builders for an economical substitute for built-up steel sections such as parallel flange channel and plate, Galintel Cavi-T-Bar lintel is similar to a T-Bar but with a special top flange incorporated into the upright section. The Galintel brand represents quality, performance and code compliance.

The Galintel Cavi-T-Bar provides an off-the-shelf solution for cavity walls, and comes hot-dip galvanised, fully engineered and university tested. The Cavi-T-Bar lintel is provided with a full product warranty and safe load tables.

Offering a quick and economical solution for cavity walls, Galintel Cavi-T-Bar lintel features a vertical leg pre-drilled and galvanised for column connection, and a top flange for added strength. Up to 25% lighter than built-up steel sections, the lintel is fully hot-dip galvanised and comes in a standard range of lengths. Non-standard lengths are also available to order.

Engineered and university tested, the convenient ‘off the shelf’ solution is R3 durability rated.