Nepean Boltmaster  is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of fasteners. Nepean Boltmaster provides a vast and complete range of fasteners and also supplies diversified engineering and industrial products.

Nepean Boltmaster is a member of the construction supply services (CSS) in Australia. Nepean Boltmasters’ vast range of engineering and industrial products in stock include general hardware items, adhesives, packaging, safety, cleaning, paints, lifting, materials handling, abrasives, hand and cutting tools.

The products offered by Nepean Boltmaster can be broadly classified as Fasteners, engineering tools, cutting tools, material handling, power tools, welding and safety tools and transmission. Nepean Boltmasters’ tools for business initiative, also helps to ease the financial burden on eligible new apprentices, by providing tool kits to them.

Usually in their first year of new apprenticeship, the tool kit is provided by the new apprentices’ employer after completing their first three months of apprentices. New apprentices are entitled to keep the kit once they have completed a further six months. If the apprentice quits before this time, the employer can retain and make use of the tools the tools by providing other apprentices or work experienced and pre-vocational students.