The Greengate Hotel in Killara has long been a popular watering hole in Sydney’s north.  With a relaxed beer garden and a charming façade of ornate brickwork, the Hotel is an iconic landmark along the busy Pacific Highway.  

Unfortunately in 2007 a motor vehicle accident left a lasting impact on the Hotel.  Bricks were charred and a beautifully crafted brick fence was partially destroyed.  The proprietors were keen to ensure that a quality repair job was undertaken and contracted Nawkaw , who specialise in brick rectifications.  

The Nawkaw team faced a number of challenges, including the fact that the original bricks used in the fence are no longer manufactured.  Built in the 1960’s the bricks were longer and thinner than the size of standard bricks manufactured today. To ensure the authenticity of the façade was not compromised, Nawkaw worked with Mashman Potteries at Kingsgrove and commissioned a number of custom bricks to be made by hand.  The bricks were produced out of terracotta and their size replicated those destroyed in the accident.   

With the replacement bricks now the right dimension the next challenge was to have them laid in the same pattern as before.  The bricks in the original fence were laid in an intricate pattern, creating a unique and striking façade. This is not an easy task and requires specialist bricklaying skills.  Nawkaw sought the assistance of Paul Noble, a specialist tuckpointer and bricklayer.  Paul was able to replicate the classic tooled joint and pier structure, expertly recreating the original façade.   

As the ‘new’ bricks were produced in terracotta the task remained of colour matching them to the original brickwork.  Nawkaw utilised their unique colour staining technology to perfectly match the hues and blushes of the existing bricks.  A delicate job, the colour stain penetrates through the surface of the bricks ensuring the colour lasts forever and requires no future maintenance.   

And the result?  An expertly repaired fence with a seamless join between old brickwork and new. Thanks to Nawkaw, the Greengate Hotel has been restored to its former glory.