Brick recolouring system suppliers Nawkaw Corporation has upgraded its web site so that viewers can see a home before the colour change, then gradually see the new colour take over before their eyes. The site address is

“We had before and after photographs previously,” says Tony Watling, Nawkaw’s managing director. “But with new technology enabling us to show on screen, virtually in slow motion, the change actually happening is creating quite a stir.

“To be honest, many people don’t believe we can really change the colour of bricks or match up bricks for an extension permanently. They think we are painting the bricks rather than using a specially formulated emulsion, colour treatment. We can provide any colour for the bricks and the mortar whether you want a bold or subtle change.

“When we show how we can match new bricks to old bricks in an extension the look on people’s faces is good to see. Matching new bricks with old bricks can be very difficult so Nawkaw is a real winner for renovations as well as complete makeovers,” says Watling.

“When you visit the web site you can see cream bricks becoming red like the rest of the house. You will see red bricks becoming grey and you will see mismatching blocks on a commercial project becoming the one colour. There is also something for those who hate the ugliness of graffiti. One second the graffiti is there on your screen and then it disappears thanks to Nawkaw.”

Nawkaw emulsion colour treatment is an environmentally-friendly, non-flammable water-based product that is light fast, UV-resistant, penetrating, quick drying and resistant to mould and fungus. It is not a paint or render. Nawkaw recolouring is only applied by the company’s trained and licensed specialists.

Source: Building Products News.