National Sign Systems offers a wide range of spikes.

Grass spike holders

  • Two models; 5mm or 3mm corflute
  • Sturdy design, easily placed into grass or soil
  • Strong powder - coated wire construction
  • Ideal for directional signage using corflute up to 450mm square

Mega spikes

  • Economical way to display larger 5mm corflutes - up to 900mm x 600mm
  • A pair of powder coated wire spikes provides four prongs for extra stability when placed in ground
  • Optional rubber tips for feet to convert to free-standing
  • Indoor sign holder

Free-standing sign holder

  • Same ‘bracket style’ grip as the 3mm Grass Spike Holder
  • Strong powder-coated wire construction
  • Budget-priced lightweight small sign holder for indoor use

‘F’ spike

  • Variation on the 5mm Grass Spike Holder: prongs slide into horizontal corflutes (instead of usual vertical flutes)
  • Ideal for when signs have already been prepared – with flutes running the ‘wrong way’
  • Allows bottom of corflute to be higher than in standard spikes
  • Same quality powder-coated wire finish

A new twist on a well-established design


  • Super-strong sign-spike for 3mm and 5mm corflutes
  • Corflute held securely at top and bottom and higher above ground than usual
  • For signs either 400mm or 600mm high
  • Durable galvanised finish
  • Spike easily inserted and removed

They are designed for real estate directional signage, but there are lots of other uses.