Apart from flags, banners and flag stands, National Sign Systems also provides customers with other miscellaneous products such as snap frames, poster grips and vinyl zappers.

Snap frames from National Sign Systems are available in a variety of styles for indoor and outdoor purposes. These frames are made of quality aluminium with either anodised or powder-coated finishes. Customers can choose standard sizes from A1 to A4 or demand a customised solution as per their requirements.

Poster grips from National Sign Systems are a premium aluminium poster display system. The poster is held at the top and bottom by concealed plastic 'grippers'. These are primarily used for fittings hanging from a wall or ceiling.

The National Sign Systems' vinyl zapper is a German-made tool that removes vinyl, decals, pinstripes and adhesives easily. The two models that are available are powered by choice of 240v or compressed air.

The vinyl zapper has a solid rubber compound wheel specially designed to peel the vinyl from a surface.