National Sign Systems  offer a large variety of banner and flag stands. Popular stands are the the pennant stand, flag stand and the big banner stand.

The Pennant stand from National Sign Systems is versatile as it can be used for indoor and outdoor purposes. It is designed such that the frame and banner turn when the breeze blows. These have a powder-coated weighted steel base and an aluminium pole with an ‘easy-join’ frame. There is also an optional spike available for use on soft surfaces. These are ideal for banners with double-sided graphics. The standard frame height is 2200mm and is used with a banner of the size 1750mm x 570mm. 'Jumbo’ frames are also available in demand.

'Flying wedge’ stand from National Sign Systems is a big 1800mm long banner cut at an angle that resembles a ‘wedge’. Its combines the standard weighted base or spike and aluminium uprights with ‘swing-arm top’ in order to display the banner.

The regular flag stand from National Sign Systems is eye-catching and easy to use. It is ideal for vertical 1800mm x 900mm flags but can be customised for other sizes too.

The big banner stand has two heavy powder-coated steel bases with an 'easy-join' frame. It can be installed and dismantled easily. The frames are made to suit banners of all shapes and sizes.