National Screens  recently teamed up with the crew from Domestic Blitz to assist with the innovative transformation of an underutilised deck into an attractive indoor/outdoor living room, providing their EZY-ROLL slow recoil retractable insect screens and MONARCH PLUS pleated retractable screen for the operation.
The idea behind the renovation was to create an extension of an existing living area utilising part of the deck, yet maintaining an indoor/outdoor environment to ensure Meagan, the occupant, could continue enjoying the amazing views of the bush the living room offered.

Insect screens were an essential requirement as the property backed directly on to bushland in Sydney's lower Blue Mountains, notorious for mosquito's and other insects. By using retractable insect screens these pests were able to be kept out, and the view and indoor/outdoor feel of the home maintained.

EZY-ROLL slow recoil retractable insect screens were installed around the perimeter of the room. When the screens are retracted the room feels like an open deck yet when pulled down these screens provide the ideal solution for insect protection. The screen is fitted with a unique viscodynamic cushion system that when operated the sliding bar and mesh returns to the protective cassette without undue force.

MONARCH PLUS pleated retractable screen was installed on the main doorway leading to the deck. The barrier free design provided a smooth and safe transition from the outdoor living area to the deck, while the 3mm sill high track provided easy access for Meagan in and out of the room as she quite often requires the use of a wheel chair for mobility.