Monarch Maxi insect screen, from National Screens is the perfect choice of insect protection for large openings that are either very high or extremely wide. Monarch Maxi has a vast array of applications including bi-fold doors, stacker doors, alfresco dining areas, outdoor rooms and veranda enclosures. The insect screen can be manufactured up to 3.1metres in height and 10 metres in width.

The revolutionary connection system works by joining a series of retracting insect screen sash’s together using magnets. The connection system gives increased flexibility as you can gain access in and out of the room from any point along the opening or you can choose to link each sash together by installing the optional connecting bracket. Another unique feature of the connection system is that the sash can be stacked to either end or bi parted from the centre of the opening. If the insect screen is not going to be used for extended periods of time, the sash can be easily removed and stored away.

Monarch Maxi insect screen is attractive, wind resistant, easy to operate and offers effective insect protection. The insect screen can be moved to any position, without the use of a brake. A mid span tensioning cord, and mesh retaining clips assist in keeping the mesh in place in windy conditions.

The unique ‘barrier free’ design means there are no channels or tracks on the floor to trip over, the patented floor guide disappears into the sash mullion when operated leaving a virtually unimpeded pathway through the opening.