A new manual is being published by the National Precast Concrete Association which will assist engineers with their drawings.

The Precast Industrial Buildings Manual is the first of a new series of detailing manuals which will be made available.

The move follows requests for standard details to be made available at last year's Precast for Engineers Workshops, which were run by National Precast.

The Precast Industrial Buildings Manual is being produced as part of a series of seminars which will be run around the country, starting with Designbuild in Sydney in June.

While an early special edition is being used at the Designbuild seminar, the Manual will be available from August this year.

Available as both hard copy and on disk, the Manual will allow engineers to import details into their drawings. Details such as footing to wall panel, wall panel to wall panel, wall panel to roof, will be covered.

Other general details and information on temporary works will also be included. The details have been compiled and reviewed by National Precast Members from around the country who are experienced in this form of construction.