The National Electrical and Communication Association (NECA) is the only association that represents the interests of electrical and communication contractors all over Australia. This can range from employers and business people to technicians. NECA is therefore the national voice of the electrotechnology contracting industry.

NECA provide information, advice and practical tools to make business for contractors that work in the electrotechnology industry easier, safer and more cost effective. The association now has over 5,000 members across all of Australia.

Some of the specialists on offer are:
  • Industrial relations
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Management
  • Education and training
  • Human resources
  • Technology
NECA is also a registered organisation in federal and state industrial jurisdictions and will have representatives on many standard Australia technical committees. NECA will provide the national member base with industry news on a regular basis that includes training, occupational health and safety and industrial and legislative requirements.

Being the national voice of electrotechnology, NECA is committed to raising the profile, business environment and competitive edge of all electrical and communications professionals throughout Australia.