The National Bricklayers Association  is made up of bricklaying employers who are committed to improving the industry for the benefit of apprentices, employees and employers.

It began as the National Federation of Bricklayers and Masonry Employers Association.

The Association provide invaluable resources for authorised members.

These resources include:
  • Authorised Companies receive up to date National Bricklayers Association Safety Packs
  • Bricklaying Apprenticeships Advice
  • Bricklaying Employer Information - Bricklayers Wanted; Bricklayers rates and bricklayer regulations; Bricklayer Apprenticeship Form
Dealing with relevant industry issues head-on
The Association provide support and change within the bricklaying industry which include:
  • being on the steering committee for Work Cover to ensure bricklayers are no longer one of the highest charged trades in Australia.
  • recently begun work on a steering committee for Apprentices Australia wide
  • continue to provide support to TAFE colleges with Awards to TAFE bricklaying apprentices
  • discussions with the Tax Department on Bricklaying Benchmarks 
  • assist companies with estimating
  • several meetings with Think Brick Australia, assisting them with advice and are beginning to see more projects using brickwork as well as an increase in the skill levels required by tradesmen in the form of Arches, corbelling and colour/wall type changes
  • work closely with the Australian Brick and Blocklaying Training Foundation (ABBTF) 
  • participating on the Curriculum committee for TAFE Apprentices to ensure the bricklaying apprenticeship training they receive is suitable for our modern industry
  • work closely with the ACCC to ensure that the NFBME is upholding Commonwealth and State laws and regulations
  • continue to help bricklayers with Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)
The Association can help individuals who are interested in a bricklayer apprenticeship and employers looking to hire bricklayers