National Blinds & Doors  offers a range of blinds and these include vertical blinds, Royal blinds, Venetian blinds, timber vertical blinds and roller blinds. These blinds not only prevent glare in the room, but also make the room appear beautiful with its aesthetic nature. These multi purpose blinds are supplied by National Blinds & Doors for use in houses, hospitals, restaurants, offices, etc.

National Blinds & Doors provides vertical blinds that are available in a wide range of textures to suit all interiors including offices and homes. The blinds are also available in many sizes to fit different windows. The vertical blinds are decorative elements and are available in a huge range of colours and sizes to suit all windows.

The range of Roman blinds available from National Blinds & Doors includes Roman blinds light filtering, Roman blinds woven and Roman blinds sunscreen. . All Roman blinds from National Blinds & Doors are designed to fulfill different purposes to suit modern lifestyles.

Venetian blinds from National Blinds & Doors are available in wide variety of colours that provide with great look to the interior. These blinds do not block the natural light totally. The slat widths enable easy and simple adjustments and hence the needed ventilation is made available.

National Blinds & Doors offers timber vertical blinds that add beauty to any interior including colonial and contemporary rooms. With lacquered timber like Western red cedar and stained finishes in basswood, the timber vertical blinds provide a classy and luxurious appearance to the room.