The National Association of Steel-Framed Housing (NASH) represents the interests of all those involved in the steel frame building ndustry, along with the industry itself.

NASH operates with the following mission in mind:

“To grow and sustain the light structural steel framing industry in Australia”

The association caters to:

  • Suppliers of steel frame systems and products
  • Practitioners who install and/or construct steel frame systems
  • Customers of steel frame systems
NASH plays a key role in the regulatory aspect of the steel frame building industry, and liaises with government and other regulatory bodies in order to ensure regulations and policies recognise the needs and requirements of the industry.

Both Australian Standards and the Building Code of Australia are valued highly by the association, and it encourages members to operate in accordance with these regulations.

It is a condition of membership that individuals agree to observe the association’s Code of Ethics, which require companies operate in an ethical and professional manner.

The association advocates for the technical development of new steel frame products and systems, and plays a vital role in promoting these new products and systems to members and the broader community.

Members of the association and the general public are well-informed when it comes to the steel frame building industry as the association provides them with interesting, useful and well researched information.

The association aims to see the number of builders with steel frame skills increase, and facilitates training sessions and programs in order to ensure they achieve this.

Association membership is based on state chapters, and the following types are available:

  • Fabricator
    • Small
    • Medium
    • Large
  • Component supplier
    • State
    • National
  • Steel manufacturer/distributor
  • Builder
  • Building professional
  • Other industry supplier
  • Associate
  • Honorary life membership
Photo: a Creative Commons (Attribution 2.0) image from's Flickr photo stream