Narangba Timbers  offers the Screen Battens and the ranges of Screen Battens includes Kwila/Merbau in the size of 42 x 19; Std & better spotted gum in the size of 64 x 19; Kwila / Merbau in the size of 70 x 19; Vitex (2.1 – 3.9) blonde in the size of 70 x 19; and Kwila/Merbau in the size of 90 x 19.

The handrails provided by Narangba Timbers covers breadloaf, ladies waist handrails, bottom sill, DAR sel balustrading, Mid rail, Fabricated balustrade, Laser panels, Kwila casement sill, Fab balustrade (with tulip), Pe-primed fascia, Kwila dowel 900mm, and Kwila FIL Sill.

The hardwood, pine and particle board flooring are offered by Narangba Timbers and the range of flooring includes Radiata Pine T&G PE\'B\' grade in the size of 133 x 19, Structafloor yellow tounge P/Board in the size of 3600 x 900 x 19, Cypress T&G E/M polisihing grade in the size of 85 x 20. Hardwood T&G E/M flooring have been done by the Narangba Timbers for special orders.

The hardware products of Narangba Timbers includes dyna bolts, joist hangers, coach screws; galv cup head bolts, washers, galv hex head bolts and others.