Nanokote  is an anti-stick coating, created using nanotechnology that protects shower screens and all glass and ceramic surfaces for up to 10 years and decreases cleaning time by up to 90%.  

Nanokote anti-stick coating provides protection from lime, corrosion, fungus and mould.  

Nanokote anti-stick coating isn’t just for mirrors, shower screens and windows. A single application of Nanokote anti-stick coating also protects other surfaces like basins, baths, toilets, ceramic wall and floor tiles and kitchen splash backs. It works because water becomes unable to rest on the surface. So mould and fungus simply cannot attach to the surface and bathroom and kitchens stay sterile and clean.            

Over time, a lime deposit can build up on shower screens. There’s also a process known as glass corrosion that results in permanent damage to the molecular structure of the glass. It looks like dirt but once it forms it can’t be removed, no matter how hard you scrub. Nanokote anti-stick coating stops the corrosion process by repelling everything, including water. Shower screens will stay clear and bright, and never need to be replaced.      

Application of Nanokote anti-stick coating is simple. Simply clean the surface using Nanokote pre-cleaner, then spray Nanokote anti-stick coating on and wipe it around. Leave it on for five minutes to make sure it gets into every microscopic crevice on the surface, then wipe if off.  

Applied to new glass, Nanokote anti-stick coating will last up to 10 years; it will last for three to five years on existing glass.