Nanokote , a Division of Micronisers, has worked with CSIRO researching nanotechnology for 15 years. Nanotechnology is the science dealing with sub-microscopic particles that are measured in nanometers (billionths of a metre, or 10–9). Nanokote Glass and Ceramic uses nanotechnology to treat glass and ceramics, stopping glass corrosion, repelling dirt, soap scum and water, and making the surface extremely easy to clean.

One application of Nanokote protects surfaces such as shower screens, windows and mirrors, along with other surfaces like ceramic wall and floor tiles, basins, baths, toilets and kitchen splash backs, glass building exteriors, commercial glass façades, roofs, glass pool surrounds or balconies.

Over time, a lime deposit can build up on glass. This can result in a process known as glass corrosion that results in permanent damage to the molecular structure of the glass. It appears as a haze that once formed is impossible to remove, no matter how hard you scrub. Nanokote stops the corrosion process by repelling everything including water. A glass surface will stay clear and bright and will never need to be replaced.
Nanokote is invisible, flexible and extremely durable. Nanokote also instantly repels most substances that come into contact with it, which means that water won’t sit on the surface, and as a result, fungus and mould can’t attach themselves, allowing the surface to remain clean and sterile.

Nanokote works like a non-stick frying pan by actually repelling dirt and grease. Nanokote cuts cleaning time by up to 90%, and because it is scratch and abrasion resistant, 100% UV stable and chemical resistant, Nanokote coating is also incredibly durable. Nanokote can be used outside as well as inside, and can withstand the challenging Australian climate.

Nanokote also protects the environment, eliminating the need for household cleaning products. A quick wipe with a mild a detergent is all that is needed.