A versatile permanent anti-graffiti coating, Nanokote EcoBarrier has a remarkable transparent finish. Graffiti can easily removed from any surface treated with Nanokote EcoBarrier. The nano-sized multifunctional particles in this coating facilitate easy, comprehensive cleaning.    

Because of its water, oil and dirt and repellent properties, Nanokote EcoBarrier anti-graffiti coating, also provides any treated surface with a self-cleaning function. The actual need to clean is greatly reduced. The anti-graffiti coating permanently seals and protects the substrate from harsh environmental factors such as UV and moisture, while also providing excellent corrosion protection for metal surfaces.                      

Nanokote EcoBarrier anti-graffiti coating is suitable for use on both non-porous and porous and surfaces, including timber, metals concrete, brick, lacquered surfaces and plastics.