When applied to alloy wheels, Nanokote Alloy Wheel maintains wheels’ showroom appearance. Nanokote Alloy Wheel repels most substances that come into contact with it. This maintains the showroom appearance and makes it easier to keep the alloy wheels clean.             

Nanokote Alloy Wheel cuts the need to clean alloy wheels by up to 90%. The longer you leave between cleaning the more laborious the process becomes. Cleaning becomes simple because the brake dust and road grime do not adhere to the coated surface of the wheel.  

Nanokote Alloy Wheel is exceptionally durable. As a nano coating it is highly chemical resistant and provides two years protection.      

Nanokote Alloy Wheel is incredibly durable is 100% UV stable, chemical, abrasion, and scratch resistant. It is well suited to Australia’s harsh, dusty road conditions.