A division of the Australian company, Micronisers, Nanokote has worked closely with the CSIRO for 15 years in the research and development of commercial applications for nanotechnology.

Nanotechnology is the science of programming sub microscopic particles to behave in a particular way.  Measured in nanometres (billionths of a metre) these particles are almost unimaginably small. Self assembling nanostructures create innovative new functions and the ability to enhance existing materials and products.            

Nanokote can offer complete solutions that enhance customers’ and partners’ products by changing the properties of basic materials. Through the use of nanotechnology, they can add value to products and give their customers a competitive edge. Nanokote create new functions by programming materials at the molecular level and differentiating their partners’ products from those of their competitors.      

From the manufacture of precise nano particles, development and production of innovative nano composites and nano formulations through to comprehensive product and process integration, Nanokote are able to assist their partners from concept through to commercial application solutions