The cost of cleaning up graffiti is costing Australians an estimated $300 million every year. That cost is passed on to the community through higher service costs, insurance premiums and council rates.    

Eco-Barrier, an effective anti-graffiti product made using nanotechnology is now available in Australia from Nanokote . Eco-Barrier was recently tested by rail network supplier Connex at Flinders Street station in Melbourne, and was found to be more effective than other anti-graffiti products trialled because it was easily cleaned off, preventing graffiti from recurring.    

Eco-Barrier is a transparent, permanent, paint-on coating that can be used on all surfaces including concrete, brick, paint, timber, metal, glass and plastic. Eco-Barrier is resistant to UV and moisture.    

Once a surface is coated with Eco-Barrier, graffiti can be easily removed by using a readily available, environmentally friendly cleaner, saving thousands in cleaning and maintenance costs.  

Nanokote is working with a number of Victorian councils to apply Eco-Barrier in public spaces to help implement the Victorian government’s graffiti management strategy. The central component of the strategy is the Graffiti Prevention Act 2007 which commenced in 2008. Eco-Barrier is available for commercial application.