Nanokote have developed a new coating that imparts a permanent electrostatic charge to the surface of non-woven air filters. 

This new development can dramatically increase the efficiency of low cost filter media to more than 90%, representing an improvement of 40-60%. However, excellent results have been observed for 100% polyester, 100% polypropylene and PES/PP/PBT microfibres. 

Nanokote’s specialised textile coatings for air filters can significantly increase the retention of fine dust. Performance is increased due to the use of finer, functionalised fibres and a change in the textile structure. Most importantly, however, coated air filters can dramatically improve efficiency without negatively impacting the air permeability of the filter media.

The Nanokote’s value added coatings for air filters are water based and can be easily implemented into existing processing lines.

Some of the coated air filters applications include: 

  • Air conditioning filters
  • Filter cartridges
  • Car and truck filters (pollen filters and engine air filters)
  • Dust masks