International Trading & Consulting (ITC) Stone Foam cleaning solutions are concentrated, non scratching surface cleaners suitable for a number of surface types including  polished metal, glass, sandstone and limestone. They effectively provide hygienic general cleaning with additional stain and discolouration removal. The range includes Total Polish Paste, Quartz Clean and Commercial Clean.

Total Polish Paste is a high quality cleaner designed to give natural stone bench tops a clean and a shine, with added natural protection which builds up over frequency over use. More specifically, the product cleans, polishes, cares and maintains surfaces including marble, limestone, granite, engineered stone and ceramics, tiles and fittings, bath tubs, spas and basins, glass ceramic cooking areas, stainless steel sinks, cook tops, granite bench tops, counter tops, vanity tops, silver and brass.

Quartz Clean is a non-hazardous, water based cleaner which polishes and maintains the quality of a surface, without scratching.  It is specifically designed to clean and protect quartz surfaces, but also works well on natural stone, ceramic glass, stainless steel and brass. Quartz Clean is available in 250 ml bottles.

Commercial Clean is an all round cleaner for commercial environments including commercial kitchens. It works well on granite, marble, ceramics, engineered stone, limestone, stainless steel and brass, and glass without scratching. In one step, Commercial Clean will polish and clean the surface to a high standards. It is available in 1 litre, 5 litre and 10 litre containers.