Quartz-Clean from International Trading & Consulting (ITC) is a non-hazardous cleaner with abrasive properties designed to remove most materials which stick to glass, engineered stone and stainless steel, without damaging the surface.  

Having been widely used in Europe for the last few years to clean stainless steel in kitchens, Quartz Clean is now being used in Australian households.  

Quartz-Clean is simple to use and ideal for cleaning heavily soiled, often hard to clean stainless steel areas such as cook tops, kitchen sinks and BBQs. Quartz-Clean is suitable for cleaning all types of stainless steel without scratching the surface.   

No special equipment or training is required to restore stainless steel surfaces with Quartz Clean and no dilution, chemical manipulation or steel wool is required as part of the cleaning process.   

With a high coverage rate, Quartz Clean is a cost effective stainless steel cleaner that can be used on new or existing stainless steel surfaces.  

Quartz Clean is available in a user friendly, 250 ml handy pack size.