Concrete Shield Bio-Clean, a NanoCoat product from International Trading & Consulting (ITC), is a specialist product for the safe and effective removal of mould & algae.

The high concentrate, Concrete Shield Bio-Clean is a biodegradable, non-acidic cleaner that is suitable for use on porous mineral surfaces such as concrete, sandstone, rendering, brickwork, pavers, and painted stone surfaces.

Concrete Shield Bio-Clean is easy and safe to use; saturate the affected areas with the spray, leave for a few minutes for the active ingredient to kill the mould and then wash the cleaner off with water to complete the process.

The eco-friendly cleaner works to rapidly remove mould and algae growth, without the use of hydrochloric or other acids. Because the active ingredient is not acid based the mould and algae remover is not classified as dangerous goods. It is non-flammable and can be easily transported and stored.

The concrete cleaner was developed as an environmentally friendly product. It is completely biodegradable and the run-off causes no ecological impact to nearby plants, animals or insects.

Concrete Shield Bio-Clean offers a quick safe solution to removing mould and algae from concrete and other porous surfaces. It is available in 5L concentrates for on-site dilution. Its coverage rate is approximately 10m2/litre of diluted (1:4) Bio-Clean.

Concrete Shield Bio-Clean is available exclusively from International Trading & Consulting Pty Ltd in 5L concentrates and can be delivered anywhere in Australia.