International Trading & Consulting (ITC)  is able to deliver to their customers quickly and efficiently without delay with their Australia-wide delivery system.

Using Australia Post’s wide network coverage, ITC are able to reach all of their customers, wherever they are within Australia.

Customer’s orders are processed and dispatched on the very same day, ensuring a fast turnaround time of between 2-5 working days for delivery.

Customers can also have peace of mind knowing that their order is dispatched by registered post which can be tracked at any point in time during transport.

ITC dispatch all their products through their Australia Post Mailing Contract as they found this system to be the most efficient, reliable and cost effective means to reach customers.

Whether ordering via the Online Shopping website or with one of the friendly NanoCoat specialists over the phone, ITC will ensure delivery to your door within days.

The ITC sales office is located in the business district of Alexandria in Sydney, just minutes from their logistics partners, and local residents are welcome to purchase directly from the sales office.

ITC strongly believes in high standards of customer care when it comes to their quality surface coatings and cleaning treatments such as NanoCoat, Stone Foam, AquaFlex and Concrete Shield brands, with a core focus on customer satisfaction and post-sales support.