NanoCoat Polish from International trading & Consulting (ITC) is a specially developed treatment for painted/coated metal surfaces. It cleans and rejuvenates the painted surface, leaving the painted metal with a water repellent, non-stick, easy to clean, glossy finish.

NanoCoat Polish is not a wax. The light abrasive removes dirt and other surface contaminants from the coated metal surface without scratching, while the protective components adhere directly to the surface to provide an invisible, long lasting, easy to clean and protected coated metal surface.

The NanoCoat Polish treatment is UV and temperature stable, as well as resistant to friction. Treated painted or coated metal surfaces are rejuvenated, repel water and dirt, and are protected against the elements.

NanoCoat Polish can be used on most painted or coated metal and fibreglass surfaces: Cars, buses, trucks, trains, planes, caravans, building panels, skis, surfboards and a range of other surface types.