NanoCoat for glazed ceramic tiles and porcelain is a revolutionary non-stick, invisible surface coating that completely bonds to the surface, providing a premium protection that will repel both water and oil based stains. NanoCoat non stick surface coatings are available from International Trading & Consulting (ITC) .

Untreated ceramic tiles and porcelain surfaces can attract mineral deposits, soap scum and other contaminants, making it particularly difficult to clean and maintain.

NanoCoat non stick surface coatings will protect the ceramic tiles and porcelain with its superior hydrophobic qualities. Surfaces treated with non stick surface coatings will stay cleaner for longer, and can help to significantly reduce cleaning times by up to 90 per cent.

NanoCoat can be applied to all glazed ceramic tiles and porcelain surfaces, new and existing. NanoCoat is ideal for any bathrooms, residential, commercial to protect against dirt and grime build up as well as other mineral deposits.

NanoCoat surface coating for porcelain and glazed ceramics does not contain any solvents or silicones like many conventional coatings. NanoCoat is an alcohol based nanotechnology coating that chemically reacts with the surface to provide a long term bond to ceramic and porcelain surfaces for up to 5 years in most conditions.

Application of NanoCoat non stick surface coating is simple. The surface should be cleaned and dried and then NanoCoat surface coating should be applied and spread evenly using a soft cloth. Once applied, the alcohol will evaporate within minutes, leaving behind the protective coating. Simply rinse off the excess with clean water. Water will bead off the ceramic or porcelain immediately, resulting in the ceramic or porcelain surface being dryer and remaining cleaner than before.

NanoCoat Clear protective coatings are also perfect for coating all glass surfaces, i.e. shower screens, pool fence, balustrades, facades and any other external glass to achieve the same hydrophobic qualities and protection as application to glazed ceramics and porcelains.

NanoCoat from International Trading and Consulting is a premium long term surface protection coating that is simple to apply, easy to maintain and will not peel or crack over time.

The NanoCoat surface treatment will ensure that glazed ceramics, porcelains and glass surfaces will remain more repellent to water, oils, dirt adhesion and any other chemical residues than that of an untreated surface.

International Trading & Consulting (ITC) can arrange for professional application of NanoCoat surface coating to glass, ceramics and porcelain surfaces or alternatively, the handy DIY bottles are as easy as one, two, three.