NanoCoat Metal 2 in 1 surface treatment from International Trading & Consulting (ITC) has been proven to clean and protect marine stainless steel surfaces and fixtures that are subjected to heavy salt spray conditions.

NanoCoat Metal 2 in 1 is an invisible, anti-corrosive treatment where the surface preparation is included with the protective solution. The surface treatment is resistant to friction and will not crack, peel or turn yellow after long term exposure.

Various marine detailing companies are astonished at the results and the high levels of protection in which it offers. Boat owners all over Australia are aware of the effect of constant salt water exposure to their boats, with discolouration or ‘tea staining’ on numerous stainless steel components being visible within weeks of regular cleaning.

NanoCoat Metal 2 in 1 surface treatment will clean and protect the stainless steel surface, preventing the reoccurrence of the ‘tea staining’ for months, not just a week or two. This will help to save time and expensive maintenance/detailing costs every month.

Once the stainless steel surface has been treated with NanoCoat Metal 2 in 1 anti corrosion coatings, any salt spray or other contaminants can easily be rinsed off with clean water after use. There is no need for any ‘other’ chemical or acidic cleaners which may do more harm than good.

NanoCoat Metal 2 in 1 surface protection treatment has a unique formulation and is a must have for all boat owners and marine maintenance professionals as it offers long term protection for boats and other marine based vessels.

NanoCoat Metal 2 in 1 surface treatment can also be applied to various other metals for the cleaning and protection of that surface.

International Trading and Consulting offer a wide range of Surface Treatments for complete surface protection needs.