Available from International Trading & Consulting , NanoCoat Metal 2 in 1 surface coating, with its light abrasive formula, will make the removal of tea staining easy.

Whether it be a new or existing stainless steel surface the cleaning power will remove dirt, grime and rust and other foreign build up, and once clean, an invisible protective coating on the surface will prevent corrosion or tea staining on stainless steel.

NanoCoat Metal 2 in 1 invisible protective coating does not require a high temperature curing process for application. Once the stainless steel surface has been coated it will almost instantly protect the stainless steel surface, particularly against salt spray.

Live site testing of the NanoCoat Metal 2 in 1 invisible surface coating at various waterfront locations in Australia has shown that one application can prevent tea staining or corrosion on stainless steel for up to 2 years on existing surface or 4 years on a new surface.

Ongoing maintenance may be considerably reduced by up to 90 per cent once the surface has been cleaned and protected by NanoCoat Metal 2 in 1 anti-corrosion coating.

NanoCoat Metal 2 in 1 invisible surface coating from International Trading & Consulting (ITC) is simple to apply, and offers an invisible, non-stick surface coating treatment for any grade or finish of stainless steel. The invisible surface coating provides long-term surface protection from corrosion with one single application.

NanoCoat Metal 2 in 1 cleaner and protective coating can also be used on a wide range of other metals to clean and protect the surface.