Available from International Trading & Consulting (ITC) , NanoCoat Clear is an invisible, water repellent, non-stick, glass protection treatment which bonds directly to the glass. This glass protection product works on all glass types, including automotive glass.

The treated automotive glass becomes non-stick, so dust, grease, oil, tar, dead bugs and plant resin deposits are easily removed. No scoring or chemical cleaners needed. Rain or a wet cloth is all you need to clean the glass.

After application of NanoCoat Clear to automotive glass, visibility in rainy conditions improves significantly, and most of the time the driver will not need to use windscreen wipers while driving. NanoCoat Clear glass protection treatment lasts for at least 12 months with normal vehicle use.

NanoCoat Clear protects exterior automotive glass on all vehicle types, e.g., windows, windscreens, external mirrors, glass sunroofs, and glass headlights.