NanoCoat Clear protective coating for glass from International Trading & Consulting (ITC) bonds to all glass surfaces, providing an invisible protective coating that makes the surface more slippery, and helps the glass surface remain cleaner for longer.  

NanoCoat Clear protective coating repels dirt, grime and water, and may reduce the amount of glass maintenance required by up to 90 per cent.  

After treatment, NanoCoat Clear protective coating will not affect the clarity of any glass surface, but will strongly reduce the surface tension, creating a water-pearling effect that will run off at a much shallower angle than that of an unprotected glass surface.  

One even application of NanoCoat Clear protective coating for glass is all that’s required to achieve a prolonged protection for glass surface. Curing time is not required, and the hydrophobic effect of the treated surface is visible seconds after application.  

NanoCoat Clear protective coating is a high performance, easy to apply glass protection product that does not require a licensed applicator or vigorous pre-treatment. A variety of glass surfaces can be protected with NanoCoat Clear protective coating, including facades, balustrades, shower screens and windscreens.