NanoCoat Clear from International Trading & Consulting (ITC) is an invisible protective coating for glass surfaces that works immediately after application. NanoCoat Clear protective coating is a water repellent, non-stick barrier, which chemically bonds to the glass and prevents damage from salt, scale, chemical pollutants in the air and other foreign matter that can build up over time.    

NanoCoat Clear has been successfully used throughout Australia to protect glass balustrades from environmental damage, especially in coastal areas. Not only have these balustrades been protected against weathering, but the repellent nature of NanoCoat Clear protective coating has allowed for easy and less frequent cleaning of the glass balustrades. This improves the appearance and increases the lifetime of the glass.  

NanoCoat Clear protects all types of outdoor glass, and in addition to balustrades, works well on windows, glass doors, facades, pool fencing, skylights and louvres.