Morrison’s Garden Centre recently used NanoCoat ’s unique Concrete shield concrete sealer to treat a number of concrete garden pots at a Kingsgrove school.

In order to minimise water loss from the soil, the garden pots were sealed internally and externally. The exterior surface was treated to maintain the sandstone appearance, keeping it clean for at least 4-5 years. The concrete sealer will also assist in the prevention of mould and algae growth. 

NanoCoat’s concrete sealer was easily applied by Mark Morrison using a simple spray unit. The application of Concrete Shield requires minimal labour and all 13 concrete pots were adequately coated in a short timeframe. The pots were then left to dry, allowing the sealer to properly penetrate the porous concrete surface. 

Surfaces treated with Concrete Shield will become touch-dry within a couple of hours and will maintain the original sandstone colour and appearance without any difference in the surface texture, colour or appearance. 

Once the 13 treated pots were touch-dry, they could then be relocated to their designated positions around the school’s courtyard and playground. They were ready to be planted in the very next day with a range of suitable plants from Morrison’s Garden Centre.

Concrete Shield is a nanotechnology concrete and stone sealer and is an environmentally friendly and non-toxic product. This sealer poses no health or ecological concerns to the school, students or staff during the application.

ITC was proud to supply NanoCoat Concrete Shield Nanotechnology Sealer and assist Mark Morrison from Morrison’s Garden Centre.