McPherson Window Cleaning is a Melbourne based window cleaning business specialising in Commercial/Residential window cleaning and specialist glass coating treatments using the latest in surface protection technologies from NanoCoat. NanoCoat Clear glass coatings are available through International Trading & Consulting (ITC) .

Using NanoCoat protective coatings, McPherson Window Cleaning carry out specialist glass coating jobs including, but not limited to, small and large glass panes, glass pool fencing, glass balustrades, glass skylights plus many other external glass fixtures.

NanoCoat Clear glass coating is an invisible, non-stick barrier which provides a protective mesh-like structure as it chemically bonds to the glass surface, preventing mineral staining and damage to glass by up to 90 percent in most conditions.

NanoCoat Clear surface protection glass coating can be used for all glass types and uses the latest in nanotechnology to ensure excellent longevity and hard wearing properties. NanoCoat Clear will bond almost instantly to glass, will not require any curing, and its protective hydrophobic properties are effective immediately after treatment.

McPherson Window Cleaning Professionals regularly use and apply NanoCoat Clear glass coating to new and used glass for commercial and residential purposes throughout greater Melbourne. They take great pride in their work to ensure that all your glass is treated with care and each job is completed to the highest standards.

NanoCoat Clear is available from ITC as DIY, or new or existing glass can be professionally cleaned and coated by McPherson Window Cleaning and Glass Treatment Specialists in Melbourne.

NanoCoat Clear treated glass will ensure your glass will remain cleaner for much longer.