Aquaflex XL waterproofing tape from International Trading and Consulting (ITC) has been specifically designed for waterproofing corners and joints in outdoor areas which require long term leak protection, eg. roofs, facades and balconies.

Aquaflex XL waterproofing tape will expand considerably, and is available in different thicknesses (1 to 2mm) with various widths (150mm to 350mm). Aquaflex XL waterproofing tape has glass fibre mesh reinforcement on both sides, which allows for excellent bonding to any surface when using common bonding materials.

Where difficult joints and corners need to be waterproofed, Aquaflex XL waterproofing tape can be modified to form connections and corners with heat treatment such as hot air bonding (HAB technology).

There are many advantages of using Aquaflex XL waterproofing tape:

  • Safe and easy to install
  • Withstands extreme heat and cold (--40°C to +200°C)
  • Excellent chemical resistance to acids, alkali and most other chemicals
  • Offers long term waterproofing protection, even after cracks appear around joints
  • Significant dollar savings from not having to repair water damaged areas