NanoCoat Clear from ITC protects glass using nanotechnology. This glass treatment instantly bonds to the surface of all types of glass and creates an invisible, non-stick barrier, which resists water and other foreign matter. The result is highly protected glass that remains cleaner, for longer.  

NanoCoat Clear glass protection offers the following benefits:   

  • Protects the glass – stops damage from salt, hard water minerals, dirt, grime and soap scum 
  • Invisible – the appearance, feel and clarity of the glass remains the same after application
  • Economical – lower maintenance costs due to decreased need for cleaning
  • Long lasting – one application has a lifespan of 3-5 years in the majority of conditions
  • Easy to clean – glass surface repels water and dirt, eliminating the need for scraping, scrubbing or harsh chemical cleaners
  • Easy to apply – no specialised equipment or training is necessary  

NanoCoat Clear protects types of glass, including windows, pool fencing, shower screens, splashbacks, exterior glass doors, facades, balustrades, skylights, automotive windscreens and automotive windows.