Available from International Trading & Consulting (ITC), NanoCoat Concrete Shield is a deep penetrating nanotechnology oil based sealer. It offers maximum protection and repels water on porous stones and mineral surfaces.

Concrete Shield oil based stone sealers provide a durable and protective treatment that maintains the original texture, colour and appearance of the stone surface, while repelling and beading off water as it comes into contact with the porous surface.

With the treated stone surface remaining dry in wet conditions, moss and algae are unable to grow and cause unsightly texture and colour changes to the stone. The sealer’s deep penetrating technology acts as an invisible protective barrier, resulting in long lasting stone protection from harsh outdoor elements.

Independent testing demonstrates that with Concrete Shield protection, salt attack on the stone is significantly reduced by 89 per cent, while still retaining the natural vapour transmission of the stone by 76 per cent.

NanoCoat Concrete Shield stone sealers are UV and heat resistant, will not crack or peel overtime, and are highly effective on new and existing porous stones and mineral surfaces.

Concrete Shield sealers require just one flood coat application to be effective in penetrating 6-8mm within the surface of the stone, protecting from the inside where damage is most likely originate.

Concrete Shield covers up to 15sqm per litre and does not need to be diluted. It is non-flammable, non-toxic and odourless, and unlike conventional silicon-solvent sealers, Concrete Shield natural stone sealers will not leave behind any residue.

Manufactured by ITC in their Germany based factory, Concrete Shield is easy to apply and is suitable for domestic and small to large commercial projects where premium stone protection is required.

Concrete Shield deep penetrating nanotechnology stone sealer is available from ITC in any quantities or volumes and can be delivered anywhere within Australia via reliable transport companies.