NanoCoat’s high performance stone sealer, available from International Trading & Consulting (ITC) , is ideal for all outdoor porous stone surfaces including sandstone, concrete, cement and any other porous stone and mineral surfaces which are subjected to heavy weathering.

Concrete Shield deep penetrating sealer has been developed to endure extreme climatic conditions for both indoor and outdoor use featuring unbeatable water beading and water repellent properties.

The water-oil based nanotechnology combines to form a revolutionary, non toxic, non solvent based, biodegradable solution for the ultimate protection when working with stone surfaces. These concrete sealers are also odourless, making for a very pleasant application process without harsh fumes or vapours.

Concrete Shield will significantly help to reduce salt attack, algae and mould growth, while keeping stone looking newer and cleaner without altering the natural textures and slip resistance of the original surface. Concrete Shield dries clear and becomes invisible within 24hrs of application.

Concrete Shield deep penetrating sealer/impregnator for porous stones and mineral surfaces can be purchased directly ITC’s comprehensive website or by contacting them directly.

All ITC products are dispatched Receipted Delivery via Australia Post anywhere in Australia.