International Trading and Consulting (ITC) is demonstrating their range of Aquaflex producs at the DesignBUILD exhibition in Sydney.  

Aquaflex is a unique, patented waterproofing solution that has a flexible membrane,  suitable for use on wall/floor joints, and penetrations through walls and floors, such as hot and cold water taps for laundry and shower systems.  

Aquaflex offers a complete, longterm waterproofing system for corners and joints in bathrooms, showers, kitchens, facades, and balconies.   Aquaflex is a 125mm wide tape with a 15mm expansion zone which can expand over 10mm. Aquaflex’s ability to expand allows joints, edges and penetration areas to remain waterproof, even if cracks appear due to building movement.  

Aquaflex is resistant to acid, alkali, and most solvents and can withstand temperatures from -40C to 90C.