Solutions from MySMART Intelligent Environments have been helping the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Melbourne increase their energy efficiency and achieve substantial energy savings across their operations.

Located on the banks of the Yarra River on the fringe of the CBD, Crowne Plaza Melbourne is regarded as one of the best hotels in the city. Over the past eight years, the hotel has been working steadily to increase its energy efficiency under the guidance of Victorian Area Engineering Manager Robin Power. mySmart has delivered a series of energy efficient projects that have helped the hotel achieve positive and measurable energy savings.

These energy saving initiatives have also seen Crowne Plaza Melbourne receive local and state environmental awards and recognised internationally within the worldwide IHG Green engage environmental sustainability program. Currently Level 1, Crowne Plaza Hotel Melbourne is now working to achieve Level 2 status with mySmartCTI’s solutions.

For the period 2005-2012, Crowne Plaza Melbourne achieved total electricity reduction of 30.56%.

The wholly Australian-owned mySmartCTI helps to create the most energy and resource-efficient environments possible for their clients. Using the latest technologies with highly trained consultants and service technicians, mySmartCTI is able to optimise buildings and outdoor built environments to enhance the comfort factor while reducing consumption of energy and resources, leading to substantial cost savings in ongoing operations for the establishment.

mySmart’s solutions include lighting control solutions, performance metering and reporting solutions for energy, solar, water and gas usage, enGauge behavioural change display for showing energy usage and savings, and standalone intelligent motion sensors, among others.

mySmart enGauge is a friendly and informative system designed for foyers, lobbies, shopping centres or any public space to display real time and historical data on building energy and environmental performance.

Linked directly to the Building Management System, the enGauge panel informs guests and hotel staff about ways to reduce consumption; energy, water and waste performance; environmental terminology; environmental impact; and building performance features.