Plain ceiling fans are no longer the only option available, thanks to the new range of tropically-inspired ceiling fans from Fan Galleries Australia .

If you have a space with a distinct atmosphere, it is important to maintain the same style throughout the entire space; from the furnishings, to the flooring, and now, even incorporating the ceiling fans is a viable option.

The good thing about Fan Galleries Australia’s fans is that each unique model has numerous options available for all the variables of the particular fan.

New US imports from Fanimation showcasing ceiling fans with blades made from all natural and organic materials are now available.

Materials such as wood, woven wicker, actual natural palm leaves and woven bamboo are utilised, which, when placed beside such motor finishes as rust, antique brass, pewter, oil-rubbed bronze, black or white can create an effect unexpectedly elegant and graceful.

If you are trying to create a certain ambience, and with the current trend in furnishings leaning towards the organic side, these ceiling fans are sure to be a feature, bringing the beauty of nature into your space.