Research results released today reveal that Australian consumers can spend up to three long weeks over the course of their life trying to source professional trades people for their ongoing home appliance needs.

Released by the home appliance fix it company, My Home Service, the survey found that at least one hour is spent trying to find a reliable tradesperson each time a home appliance breaks down. Some surveyed admitted to wasting up to 10 hours at a time trying to lock in a tradie, more than a full day's work.

The pain of the search didn’t end there with almost 40% of those surveyed needing the services of a professional tradesperson two or three times a year, making the search, compare and repair process very time intensive.

The My Home Service research continued to unveil hurdles to the fix it process, with one in four surveyed claiming a member of their household would insist on fixing a broken appliance first before calling in the professionals.

The majority of those surveyed agreed that reliability was seen as hands down the most important factor when engaging a tradesperson, with the allusive tradie schedule hard to pin down for most.

“Finding a good tradesperson doesn’t have to be this hard,” said Conor Harty of My Home Service.

“We offer an online solution where consumers can search and compare local tradespeople to match their needs, view the trades persons schedule and lock in a time there and then that suits them, the customer, not just the other way around.”

The My Home Service research also showed that over 30% of respondents were relying on the white pages to find the right person for the job.

“When researching a tradesperson there are many things to consider; the type of appliance, what brand, how much will it cost and when can it be fixed. All these elements can amount to a lot of phone calls to different companies to compare costs and availability. My Home Service makes the process as easy as possible, with all these questions being answered at the one time, online,” Conor concluded.

My Home Service has been helping Sydney-siders save time for some months now.

Consumers can visit their website to see what services are now available in their area and also read feedback left by fellow locals on a tradeperson's service and reliability.