My Home Service  provides handy tips in plumbing and electrical sectors and for appliances like clothes dryers, cook tops, oven stoves, dish washers, fridges and washing machines.

The tips provided by My Home Service for plumbing include solving problems related to plumbing during emergency and the general care that is to be taken while plumbing. My Home Service also provides tips on handling a leaking or a broken pipe, a stopped-up sink, a faucet that does not shut off and a steaming hot water faucet.

My Home Service also offers tips for handling electrical equipment. My Home Service talks about the remedies and where to check for in the case of a problem. My Home Service provides tips by discussing the chances of the occurrence of a problem.

My Home Service has given some solutions for certain cases including non functioning light fixtures, short circuit overload, non functioning of lights in a circuit.

My Home Service has also detailed a step by step manner to get through problems. My Home Service helps in finding repairers when the problem cannot be solved by individuals or when there is a dire need for a repairer.